Green Oak Behaviorial Health

Psychiatric Medical Care’s inpatient psychiatry unit, Green Oak Behavioral Health, provides evaluation and treatment for older adults, typically over 60 years of age, who are suffering from debilitating symptoms of depression and anxiety. We offer holistic, comprehensive care to help patients deal with behavioral issues that occur during the aging process. As part of our holistic program, we review prescription and over the counter medication to ensure maximum therapeutic effect for our patients. Green Oak Behavioral Health provides treatment for depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease accompanied by behavioral issues.

The National Rural Health Association (NRHA) has recognized Dickenson Community Hospital in Clintwood, VA as one of the top 20 critical access hospitals in the nation for best practices in quality. Dickenson Community hospital has 11 active beds, 10 of which are Green Oak Behavioral Health beds. The top 20 critical access hospitals, including Dickenson Community Hospital, scored best among critical access hospitals on iVantage Health Analytics’ Hospital Strength Index™ for quality. Click here to read more.

The American Psychiatric Association advises families to seek professional advice if an older adult shows obvious changes in behavior or mood. These include:

Mental illness is not a normal part of growing older. In addition to the natural physical and cognitive impairments that occur with aging, psychological issues can endanger a senior’s health and place additional stress on family members and caregivers. Research by the Institute of Medicine* shows that approximately 20 percent of our nation’s seniors have one or more mental health issues, including bipolar disorder, depression, dementia and substance abuse problems.